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Hodges Bend –Tulsa

Coffee. wine. cocktails.


Unprecedented service from our baristas, sommeliers, and bartenders. Locally sourced and roasted coffee. Hand picked wines. Classic cocktails and adapted interpretations. 

proudly serving tulsa oklahoma

When Tulsa was entering into statehood at the turn of the 2oth century, a small street on the east side of what was to become downtown was named after the Hodges brothers. As the neighborhood developed around the curved street mapped out by the railroad the area began to be known as "The Bend".  It's from this heritage we take our name and draw inspiration to craft an experience and inspire your next sip. 



(918) 398-4470


823 3rd Street
in the East Village
Tulsa, OK 74120


Monday-Friday 7a–1:30a
Saturday 8a-1:30a
Sunday 10a–1:30a





(GF)=Gluten Free (V)=Vegetarian (VG)=Vegan 
*Consuming raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of food born illness 


Syrups: Vanilla, Mocha $1 



For large parties or special evenings

If you are planning on bringing a large party or would like us to set aside a special place for your party. Please fill out the form 24 hours in advance and we will get back to you shortly with a confirmation. If you are trying to place a reservation less than 24 hours in advance please give us a call at (918) 398-4470.